What We Do

Our aim is simple:
Provide You, the client with an
easy, simple & productive service

We realise every client has different needs and different priorities. In order for us to provide you the best service, we ask you...

What sort of building drawings do you need?

  • Feasibility Drawings: Are you looking to extend or build on a new plot? Our feasibility drawings will allow you to plan and visualise your project. Our Planner will meet and discuss a range of options that are vialable and most feasible. Plans will then be created for you dream to take one step closer in becoming reality.
  • Planning Drawings: Are you ready to apply for planning permission? Our planning drawings package included everything you'll need; decorative elevations and plans (both as existing and proposed) as well as site layout relative to the local area. We also discuss with you and guide you across the various routes of the Planning World and take on the headaches assocaiated with your local Planning Department.
  • Building Regulation Drawings: Ready to build? Our building drawings are to UK building regulations which can also be supplemented by your building specification. We will also be at the other end of the phone to respond to any onsite problems throughout the build.

What are the benefits of A-Z Building Services?

  • Expansive knowledge of residential and commercial building
  • Experience of all major building methods and materials
  • Drawings are produced digitally using the latest AutoCAD software. This reduces the time needed for alterations and means documents can be sent to the client via email.
  • Our prices are competitive. We supply tailored quotations that reflect the job in hand.

Our Services

    Pre-Planning & Planning Services

At A-Z Building Services we have extensive knowledge of the Planning process and can provide advice and guidance on the national standard planning system, and detailed requirements at local and national level for submission of reports and surveys in support of planning applications.

    Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering team at A-Z Building Services provides clients with a highly professional structural engineering consultancy service. The scope of work can be tailored to suit the requirements of the particular project and the procurement method adopted.

A-Z Building Services offer many structural engineering services covering commercial and industrial works through to structural surveys and investigations.

    Building Regulations Services

A-Z Building Services provide extensive drawings that are simple to read and follow for both the client and contractor. Drawings are accompanied wth full in depth specifications and designed in accordance with current Building Regulations. We utilise our great relationships formed with London wide Building Control Professionals to provide you with up to date and innovative design solutions. The ever changing world of Building Regulations are embraced at A-Z Building Services.

    NEW Sustainability Design

A-Z Building Services are dedicated to low carbon emissions and renewable energy. We have recently begun introducing simple renewable energy systems to our projects.

We have also begun working with a sustainability team who specialises in installing such systems to residential projects. We offer a range of services to our clients and can offer specific levels of service to suit the requirements of our clients. Sustainability and development carbon footprint calculation is now a key requirement for the planning process and we can assist. 

    NEW Building Control

A-Z Building Services work closely with London Building Control to provide the customer a fast, responsive and cost-effective alternative to your local authority Building Control. 

In the UK, there are two ways of showing compliance with the Building Regulations:

1. Local Authority Building Control - Your local council provides this service

2. Private Building Control - Provided by Approved Inspectors

To find out more about the Approved Inspector Service, click on the links below:

A-Z Building Services through London Building Control has experienced and qualified Building Control Surveyors based in each of our offices which are predominantly situated within the South East of England, although we are able to cover the whole of England and Wales using a network of site surveyors.

How this helps you:

By utilising this relationship with London Building Control, we are able to provide you a streamlined team of professionals all working to deliver your project in accordance with the Building Regulations. Many of our clients have found the Local Authority Building Control Service problematic due to having various Surveyors visiting their site, conflicts in advice given and difficulty in communications. Our relationship with London Building Control avoids the hassle and allows you direct communication along with your contractor to one Building Control Professional.

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